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As we head into the #weekend I thought I'd post one of my #IGTV posts from last weeks #oldfashionedweek Have Great Weekend.

SO. . .The #coffee old-fashioned really is one of my favourite drinks of late. I don't want to lie to you and say I invented it because I have NO idea who, if anyone, has done it before. But for me this one was all about the simplicity of the method.


20ml Sugar Syrup 2:1

4 Dash Bitters (you choose, I went for Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas)

50ml Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Freshy Ground Coffee


Build the drink through the reusable filter. Add a splash of water too. Then pour over ice.


Old Fashioned Cocktail in a rocks glass. Made with Woodford Reserve, coffee and Bitter Truth bitters. Garnished with some Coffee Beans. Perfect Bourbon pick me up.
This drink should be made by the bottle 😁

This is my recipe for a 70cl bottle. (For the drink geeks, like me, its bottled at 28% Abv, that gives you a little room for ice melting to bring it down to 26 which the optimum Old fashioned drinking strength).

In this method It's best to make it just slightly different to what's shown in the Video.

Add 18g fresh ground coffee to the #coffeefilter then pour 120ml 2:1 Sugar Syrup through the coffee. Following pour 120ml water through the filter. SLOWLY pour 400ml Woodford Bourbon through to pick up as much flavour as possible. Once it has fully filtered. Remove the filter and add 16 dashes of Bitter. This entire mix can then be added to a 70cl bottle and kept in the fridge for when #coffeecocktails are needed. Serve it over ice and ENJOY.


If there's any #Cocktails you would like to find out #howto make then get in touch and ill do my best to make a video for #fridaytipples

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