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Tequila Sunday

Hope your #sunday #funday hangovers are wearing off. If you didn't catch Sunday Brunch this morning here are the #cocktail recipes and #Tequilas from the show.

Sunday Brunch 28th June 2020 i introduced three great tequilas to try; Casamigos, El Rayo and Altos Plata.

Here are some super simple home recipes to enjoy. You can also head over to Tincture and order some from me directly to your door.


El Rayo Tequila + Tonic

100ml Tonic Water


[Bartender wankyness, ice is an ingredient. More ice, colder drink, better taste, trust me]

Slice of Grapefruit

In a tall glass add the ingredients first. This stops the ice diluting the drink quickly. Then add the ice and a little squeeze of the grapefruit. Let it chill for a few moments until the condensation is trickling down the glass and you're ready to rock.



Strawberry Casamigos

50ml Strawberry water

Pinch Sea Salt


The best way to make this one is to chill the water and the tequila in the freezer. Once there really cold build the drink. Casamigos first, then water and salt. Add the ice last give it a stir and make it pretty with a strawberry.



Altos Paloma

50ml Pink Grapefruit

100ml Sparkling Water

Enjoy the drink in a wine glass or coupette. I recommend shaking this one with a little ice, if you can. WARNING without the sparkling. This will just make it super cold and the flavour lovely. Otherwise just build over ice in the glass and give it a quick stir.


Thank you for watching Sunday Brunch today and i hope you enjoy the recipes. Im always happy to add more detail and make things a bit more fancy if you ask.

I'll follow up soon with more details on the spirits and ingredients. If you have questions get in touch on my instagram.

If you would like to try some of my creations you can always head over to the Tincture website and order your self some cocktail.

Much Love Carl

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