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Light hints of ferment and pleasing acidity. Rich rhubarb notes and a deep long bitter finish.

Spritz’s are an absolute delight, so simple to make but totally thirst quenching. This nonalc version has all the texture and depth of flavour as an alcoholic version without the risk of a headache.

Crossip’s Pure Hibiscus, a non-alcoholic macerated spirit has top notes of hibiscus and rhubarb. The deep bitter body & finish come from a combination of botanicals. I also highly recommend the Real Kombucha royal flush to accompany it. This kombucha with its fresh, florals, acidity and umami really create that classic spritz mouthful.

35ml Crossip Pure 125ml Kombucha Garnish with a Grapefruit slice


BUILD & STIR… Add all the ingredients to a highball glass. Add Ice. Stir until combined.


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