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CHERRY TREACLE | Crossip Cocktail

Sweet Cherry & apple. Wispy hints of smoke.

Rocks Glass, Red Liquid, ice and cherry

Have a go at this super simple stirred down cocktail. Based around the 'Treacle' invented by the legendary Dick Bradsell. You can head over to Diffords to find the original recipe or i will be posting some variations later this year.

As its Dry January this creation is made using Crossip Dandy. So be concerned that your missing your boozy hit, this liquid has all the punch you need.

40ml Crossip #Dandy 20ml Apple Juice 20ml Cherry Syrup Garnish with a Cherry

STIR... Add all the ingredients to a Rocks glass. Add Ice. Stir for 20 secs until combined.


Please follow me on Instagram @london_carl and share. The buzz you make to more drinks i make.

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